Architecture Office

Cleveland, Ohio based design firm driven by a passion for new technology, material honesty, efficiency and craft, Architecture Office pursues a rigorous design practice which evaluates client goals, site, and program to develop site specific design solutions which are both timeless and contemporary. We reduce elements of style to their functional origins to create works of art which exhibit clear spatial intent.

Ingenuity Cleveland

Ingenuity Cleveland’s mission is to ignite the creative spark where the arts, science, and technology intersect. By animating Cleveland’s urban spaces with world-class, innovative experiences, Ingenuity provides a unique platform to explore the boundaries of art and technology.


Since 1997, MorrisonDance has integrated the art of movement within cross-disciplinary collaborations, continuously challenging the traditional understanding of dance. The small non-profit dance company gets its unique strength from performers trained in a variety of movement arts willing to stretch their abilities through presentations in alternative venues and through experimental presentations combining nature, technology, and other artistic disciplines.

ReBuilder's XChange

ReBuilders XChange is a different kind of architectural salvage retailer.  Of course, you can find all manner of treasure - from antique doors, to soapstone counters, to old bank vaults.  But you can also bring in your antiques or architectural treasures from your rehab or demolition and sell it on consignment.  Builders and Demolition companies take less trips to the scrap yard and more trips to ReBuilder's XChange.

Rustbelt Riders Composting

Rustbelt Riders Composting is a worker-owned organic waste removal service available to Northeast Ohio businesses, schools, and institutions. Its mission is to create wealth from waste through the conversion of waste food into value added products.

Skidmark Garage

Skidmark Garage, a community-access motorcycle garage, opened in 2015.  Skidmark offers its tools, space, and community of knowledge/help to help members fix their rides. It's not just guys, and it's not just guys living in apartments without garages. It's riders. Skidmark appeals to a wide range of riders: guy, girl, newbie, vet, rich, poor, sober, boozer, smoker, tinkerer, inventor, 20 something, 60 something, black, white. Skidmark is truly a no-collar community that thrives on helping each other out, getting dirty, jamming tunes, and riding.


Soulcraft is an incubator of creativity, craftsmanship and community, dedicated to re-discovering the dynamic value of working with one's hands and the creative community which naturally arises when a group of people engage in such a discovery. It is a membership-based community woodworking workshop, and gallery with a full complement of classes for the green beginner to the most experienced.